Memorial services for Mary Beth Blaskey were held on Saturday December 8th, 2012.

This site has a page where you can share about her. Contact the family if you wish. Here are some photos of Mary Beth. Indulge in some kitty therapy.

Thank you to all the people who came to the service, it was a full house.

Special thanks to the people who drove many hours or flew across the country to be there.

Thank you to the people who sent flowers to the service and who sent flowers to our homes.

Many people made donations to their local animal shelters, more people made donations to the First Presbyterian Church, and many PEO sisters made donations to college scholarship funds. Thank you for your thoughtful contributions, Mary Beth would have appreciated every one.

It is a joy to know that Mary Beth was so loved, is remembered, and will be missed.

Mary Beth’s ashes were interred at Mt. View Cemetery on February 28th, 2013, in the northernmost lawn, at Apostles 1987. The memorial marker was placed the week before her birthday, September 23rd, 2013.